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Jilly Cooper’s Signature Collection
Make Your Next Gift Unforgettable with a Personalised & Signed Novel

Signed Books for You, a Loved One or Friend

From Jilly Cooper’s Signature Collection

Make Your Next Gift Unforgettable with a Personalised and Signed Novel

Jilly Cooper, a celebrated journalist, author, and media personality, has penned numerous best-selling novels and non-fiction works, collectively selling over 12 million copies.

Signed Books For You, operated by Jilly’s family, provides book enthusiasts with the chance to own a distinctive book, autographed and personally messaged by the author herself.

Jilly will not only sign your book but can also inscribe a personalised message, crafting a special and enduring gift or keepsake for you, a loved one, or a friend.

Simply provide your chosen message, and Jilly will include it alongside her signature.

Jilly Cooper - Signed Books For You

Jilly Cooper

Jilly is a journalist, author, and media superstar. She is the author of many number one best-selling novels and non-fiction books, which have sold more than 12 million copies. She lives in Gloucestershire.

Signed Books For You is a company run by Jilly’s family that offers book lovers the opportunity to own a unique book with a genuine signature and a personal message from the author herself. 

Jilly will sign your book and can include a personalised message for you, a loved one, or a friend, to make a unique and lasting present or memento. 

Write your own message, and she will include it along with her signature.

Signed Books For You can deliver worldwide.


I don’t think Tackle! In which my superhero Rupert Campbell-Black takes over a low league football team, facing relegation, and embarks on a massive battle to take them to the top, is quite so raunchy. But the story is full of heroism and true love stories and lovely dogs and horses so I hope it will cheer people up.

I loved all the banter. “Lovely dress,” says one goalkeeper to a glamorous Wag, “It really suits you, but I’d like it even better if it was lying on my bedroom floor.”

I’d especially like to thank footballers everywhere. People continually moan they are paid too much, but I think they deserve every penny for the pleasure and excitement they bring to the world. A bad defeat may cast their fans into a week’s black gloom, but this will be transformed into a week’s euphoria after a good win.